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Our proprietary technology platforms BioEngine® and BioNavigator®, combined with our long-term experience, allows for fast and efficient enzyme panel screening and smart engineering of enzyme candidates. The rapid development of chiral products is an important cornerstone. That gives us and our customers an important competitive edge.

Experience matters​

We offer innovative and sustainable all-round solutions for enyzme catalysis! With our extensive experience in enzyme directed evolution, strain engineering, fermentation process development and commercial scale biocatalytic production, we offer research & development services and product manufacturing to fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and many other industries.

From Idea to full Scale

We guide our customers from the initial idea, all the way to the biocatalytic manufacturing process, in our continuous task of seeking scientific innovation and breakthroughs, contributing to a greener and safer environment, and forming reliable and long-lasting partnerships with our collaborators.

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Our focus lies on the development and commercialization of enzymes for the innovative and sustainable production of API intermediates, fine and commodity chemicals, and compounds applied in consumer goods. We aim to contribute to a greener and safer environment by supporting our customers in applying enzymes in their manufacturing processes.


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We are an international team of scientists with longstanding expertise in enzyme engineering, synthetic chemistry, bioinformatics, molecular biology, and process development.

Focus on Innovation

Enzymaster always pushes the boundaries of its technology and finds innovative routes to achieve the best results for its customers.

Professional and Reliable Service

Enzymaster’s longstanding experience and knowhow combined with the highest quality and working standards ensures the best results.

Flexible and Efficient

Enzymaster tailors its services and products individually to reach the customer’s goals in the most efficient and resource-saving way.

Open and Direct Communication

From the initial idea to the large scale process, Enzymaster always maintains an open and honest communication policy with its customers.

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