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Our R&D services are individually tailored to fit each project and ultimately reach our customer’s goal in the most efficient way. We see our customers as partners and continuously engage in a culture of active and open communication.


The unique BioNavigator® toolbox utilizes our extensive in-house libraries and metagenome databases to compile a panel of enzymes specialized to your reaction. We then screen the compiled enzyme panel in our laboratories under your desired final process conditions. Finally, we select the best enzymes, characterize and provide these to you for in-house testing.

In iterative cycles of computer aided directed evolution, we generate enzymes with unmet performance, tailored to your needs. The BioEngine® combines comprehensive in silico studies and experimental screening of enzyme libraries in every round of evolution. Predicted combinations of critical residues for the enzyme’s activity are used to create small libraries, which are screened for improved enzyme variants. Our smart libraries allow the use of high throughput GC and HPLC analytics measuring the real reaction components and giving detailed insights to each reaction.

We offer optimization of reaction conditions, shortening of the time to market, and development of a complete process including downstream processing and scale-up to a 10 L reaction scale.

In our facilities, we can develop fermentation processes and manufacture enzymes in an up to 5000 L scale.

Everything Begins as an Idea

Each project is assessed for feasibility considering technology- and cost-aspects and openly discussed with our customer to ensure that we provide the best possible service.

Research and Development

We update the customer regularly during our screening and evolution phases on the progress and latest developments of the project.

Industrial process

We can develop an optimal industrial process together with our customers to maximize the projects outcome.

Market and Scale

Each project is assessed for feasibility considering technology- and cost-aspects and openly discussed with our customer to ensure that we provide the best possible service.

your needs - our expertise


We understand the needs of our customers. Although our core services around enzyme screenings and enzyme evolution will always give the best results, some customers may need a faster option. Therefore, we offer in addition to screening services customized enzyme kits that are the best compromise between the thoroughness, range and success rate of an enzyme panel screening and the short-term availability of an enzyme kit. This allows our customers in the fast-moving markets to react in time while maximizing their chances.

In silico screening powerd by BioNavigator®

The Premium Kit is the kit of choice if you want the highest success rates in the shortest time.

Hand-selected enzyme kit

If the information is limited, the Light Kit ensures the best results in the shortest time.

your needs - our expertise


Our technology and R&D services can make virtually any process more cost efficient and more environmental friendly. We are experts in finding biocatalytic solutions for the most important chemical transformations, ranging from RedOx chemistry to C-C bond formation.


Nitrile Hydrolysis

Imine Reduction



Enoate Reduction

Aldehyde Oxidation


Alcohol Oxidation

Aldehyde Cyanation

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Wildtype Enzyme:

  • Inhibited at 5 g/L product
  • Inactive at 2 M iso-propylamine (IPM)
  • Space-time-yield: 50 g/L/day

Industrial Enzyme:

  • Tolerates > 300 g/L product
  • Stable at 2 M IPM for 180 h
  • Space-time-yield: 160 g/L/day
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Ketone Reduction


Wildtype Enzyme:

  • Not thermally stable enough for heat treatment
  • ~ 50% conv.
  • 60 g/L substrate loading
  • 30% (v/v) loading of enzyme

Industrial Enzyme:

  • Stable at 85℃ for 2h
  • 99% conv.
  • 400 g/L substrate loading
  • 8% (v/v) loading of enzyme
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Aldol Reaction

Chloramphenicol IM

Wildtype Enzyme:

  • de 50%
  • 10% conversion in 8 h
  • 40 g/L substrate loading

Industrial Enzyme:

  • de > 90%
  • >80% conversion in 8 h
  • 200 g/L substrate loading
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