Engineered Enzymes Facilitate Efficient Biocatalysis for the Sustainable Production of Chiral Amines

Dr Thomas Daussmann, Jan-Dirk Spoering, Dr Marc R. Hayes, Dr Christoph Strunk, Enzymaster Deutschland In today’s market, chemical processing approaches must achieve product quality specifications while also achieving higher sustainability levels. Chemical manufacturers increasingly value ‘greener’ strategies. Fortunately, economy and ecology often go hand in hand. A process that can run under ambient temperature, use […]

Enzymaster Completed Series B-1 Financing

Enzymaster Press release

Enzymaster, a global biotech company with locations in China, Germany and Singapore specialized in biocatalysis and enzyme engineering, announced the close of a US$ 7.5 Mio (CNY 50 Mio) Series B-1 funding.

3rd ECP Summer Summit

Interested in learning more about our services around biocatalysis or our products? We invite you to meet us at the 3rd ECP Summer Summit from September 17th to 18th . This year’s ECP presents itself in a fully digital format and we are looking forward to connect and expand our network of collaborations and partnerships!

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