Elementor #4561

Your needs – our Products Our Catalogue Based on Enzymaster’s expertise in biocatalysis, we are continuously looking for opportunities to develop environmental friendly and cost efficient synthesis routes for a variety of products. We offer high quality products for competitive prices to a variety of industries, ranging from food, fine chemicals and pharma to commodities. […]


In which fields of chemical industry does biocatalysis present a growing interest?Historically, significant advancements within the chemical industry have revolved around improving the production of pharmaceuticals, and due to excellent chemoand stereospecificity biocatalysis has taken its place amongst this progress. It is now a vital part of the modern manufacturing of many drug products and […]

(2R,3S)-Isocitric acid, monopotassium salt

  Synonym(s): Ds-(+)-threo-Isocitric acid monopotassium salt Purity: >95%     Chemical Formula: C6H7KO7 Molecular Weight: 230.21 CAS: 20226-99-7 Applications: It is used for the chemical synthesis of Darunavir intermediate.  Quantity:On request at g-scale/kg-scale Safety and Handling: Not a hazardous substance. DOT Information:   Not regulated Storage temperature: Room temperature Recommended storage conditions: Store in a tightly closed container in a […]

Engineered Enzymes Facilitate Efficient Biocatalysis for the Sustainable Production of Chiral Amines

Dr Thomas Daussmann, Jan-Dirk Spoering, Dr Marc R. Hayes, Dr Christoph Strunk, Enzymaster Deutschland In today’s market, chemical processing approaches must achieve product quality specifications while also achieving higher sustainability levels. Chemical manufacturers increasingly value ‘greener’ strategies. Fortunately, economy and ecology often go hand in hand. A process that can run under ambient temperature, use […]

Enzymaster’s Sanming Minhe Acquisition Increases Production Capacity by 50% to Keep Pace with Rapidly Growing Demand

Düsseldorf, Germany:  January 11, 2022— Across a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, agriculture, consumer goods, and many other markets, manufacturers are increasingly turning to enzyme catalysts for cleaner, more efficient process technology solutions. To meet growing demand, Enzymaster required additional production capacity. They, therefore, sought to acquire a strategically located facility utilizing […]

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