Lake Chemicals will serve as Enzymaster’s exclusive distribution partner for the UK and Ireland increasing presence in these key markets.

Düsseldorf, Germany—October 26, 2022—As an industry leader helping manufacturers leverage the power of enzymes, Enzymaster supports manufacturers across many industry segments including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, agriculture, and consumer goods, utilizing biocatalysis for cleaner, sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient processes.

In addition to enzyme identification, enzyme and reaction engineering, and process development, Enzymaster offers a select catalog of compounds produced leveraging proprietary, fit-for-purpose enzymes.

To help support the availability of Enzymaster’s products and services to customers in the UK and Ireland, the organization is proud to announce that Lake Chemicals and Minerals Ltd (Lake Chemicals) will serve as the exclusive distribution partner for these markets.

“Lake Chemicals has in-depth knowledge of and a significant customer base within markets key to our growth including, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, personal care, agriscience, and other specialty sectors,” commented Dr. Thomas Daussmann, Enzymaster’s Executive Vice President for International Business. “While Enzymaster has had success working with customers in the UK and Ireland, Lake Chemicals’ focus and expertise will allow us to significantly expand our footprint in this region.” 

Since the distribution agreement is in place Lake Chemicals has begun introducing Enzymaster’s enzyme identification, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to its customer base. Additionally, Lake Chemicals is offering Enzymaster’s catalog of available compounds to its clients.

“Our mission is to help our clients create more efficient and effective manufacturing processes through the use of fit-for-purpose compounds and processes,” shared Steven Cartlidge, Lake Chemicals’ Managing Director. “In fact, we began our relationship with Enzymaster by embarking on an innovative enzyme-catalyzed project that successfully replaced an inefficient manufacturing step for one of our pharmaceutical API manufacturing customers. There is significant and increasing demand for biocatalytic process development and I’m impressed with Enzymaster’s ability to tackle even the toughest projects. Our entire organization is excited to bring their products and services to our clients.”

About Enzymaster

Enzymaster provides comprehensive solutions for the screening, directed evolution, and commercial manufacturing of enzymes and chemicals produced by high-performing, efficient, clean, and sustainable enzyme catalysis technologies. Our proprietary BioEngine® and BioNavigator® platforms, combined with our rich expertise, provide state-of-the-art solutions. We offer R&D services, complete technology transfer packages, and commercial enzyme and chemical manufacturing. We serve various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, agriculture, consumer goods, and other markets.

Our portfolio of services includes enzyme panel screening, general and customized enzyme screening kits, directed evolution of enzymes via in silico structure-guided enzyme engineering, process development, enzyme preparation by fermentation, enzyme formulation, and biocatalytic manufacturing of chemicals. Additionally, Enzymaster offers a catalog of commercial products developed in-house using our state-of-the-art enzymatic tools and technology.

About Lake Chemicals and Minerals Limited

At Lake, we’re innovators – we bring thinkers together to make incredible things happen – delivering real value for suppliers and customers. We call this ‘Ultimate Customer Value’, and it’s in our DNA.

As a leading technical distributor of specialty chemicals and minerals, we have decades of product and regulatory experience, which empowers our extensive capability to design molecules, analyze industrial processes and enhance customer success in the application of enzyme technologies. What’s more, through our new product development and agile manufacturing, we provide a comprehensive service from conception to full-scale manufacturing, including sourcing, conversion, warehousing and distribution.

We are excited to work with Enzymaster to facilitate their goals in the United Kingdom and Ireland markets and are looking forward to inspiring our customers with their advanced solutions.

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