Enzymaster, a global biotech company with locations in China, Germany and Singapore specialized in biocatalysis and enzyme engineering, announced the close of a US$ 7.5 Mio (CNY 50 Mio) Series B-1 funding.

The money has been raised from the Chinese investment firms Weifang Zhongke Haichuang Equity Investment Partnership, Tibet Leimerious Venture Investment Partnership, and Caozhixing Junbo Equity Investment Partnership (which is a re-investment by current shareholder Saisheng Investment). The latter investment is further supported by Probe Fund as financial advisor.

“The core of our company is our proprietary BioEngine® Directed Evolution Platform, and thus the ability to keep developing synthetic strategies for new products”, said Dr. Bong Yong Koy, chairman of the board of directors. ”The investors appreciate our flexibility and potential for continuous growth. We are in the field of biosynthesis and bio-manufacturing and work with partners in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food & feed, agrochemicals and flavor & flagrances, where our biosynthetic approach offers innovative, sustainable and economical replacement to the classical chemistry routes. We strike to keep contributing to a better society and environment.”

The company intends to use the investment to strengthen their R&D capacities as well as to broaden their product portfolio and its commercialization.

About Enzymaster:

Enzymaster provides a one-stop solution for the development and commercialization of innovative and sustainable enzyme catalysis technologies. With their proprietary BioEngine® Directed Evolution Platform and long-term experience in biocatalysis, the company offers R&D services combined with the establishment of complete technology transfer packages and manufacturing collaborations to fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Besides the technology service offer Enzymaster also develops and manufactures a portfolio of chemicals based on its proprietary enzymatic tools.

About Weifang Zhongke Haichuang Equity Investment Partnership:

Zhongke Haichuang is a 2 billion CNY fund supported by the National Technological Transfer Guiding Fund. It focuses on equity investments in high-tech areas, such as next generation information technology, new green energy, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, and new materials.

About Leimerious Venture Investment Partnership:

Leimerious, established in 2016, is focused on value investment in semi-conductor, biomedical, and consumer industries. The company concentrates on SMEs with high commercial potential and high growth rate, as well as maturing companies with promising IPO chances. Leimerious is positioned to become a long-term partner of its portfolio companies, and to actively support the growth of each company.

About Caozhixing Junbo Equity Investment Partnership:

Caozhixing, established in 2013, focuses on investing in innovative startups in smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, bioengineering, and new materials industries. The core team of Caozhixing has an extensive investment experience with a broad network throughout cutting edge industries. With its dedication to identify and support early startups involved in innovative technologies, Caozhixing is well recognized by industrial partners and entrepreneurs.

About Probe Fund:

Probe Fund, established in late 2017, is a specialized fund focusing on global biomedical and life-science industries, and completed dozens of deals in equity investment and merger & acquisition, with a combined value over several billion CNY by October 2020. With its experienced professional team, Probe Fund provides in-depth financial advice and consultation to scientists and entrepreneurs throughout their corporate development in the industry.


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