Düsseldorf, Germany: June 24th 2021— Supported by increasingly robust directed enzyme evolution capabilities, Enzymaster continues to advance the development and commercialization of high performing biocatalysts.

North American companies across a range of industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, agriculture, consumer goods and many other markets are turning to enzyme catalysts for cleaner and more efficient transformation solutions. Creating a formal presence in the United States is the next step in the strategic effort to support the market and to extend the capabilities of Enzymaster’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing centre in Ningbo, China as well as the international business
management office and center for bioinformatic intelligence based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
“We aim to contribute to a greener and safer environment by supporting our customers in utilizing enzymes in their manufacturing processes,” commented Dr. Thomas Daussmann, Enzymaster’s Executive Vice President for International Business. “It’s time to build on the success we’ve had in North America with key investments in the development of business models tailored to the market, the right partners, and the creation of and participation in key industry events.”

Introduction of Fit-for-Purpose Financial Models
Enzymaster is in the process of launching business relationship models specifically designed for the needs of the North American market. These models will address the ranging needs and objectives of companies at various stages of business and biocatalysis maturity.

Options will include fee-for-service models with client-centric intellectual property constructs, development programs that include commercial manufacturing of engineered enzymes, and collaborative enzyme engineering partnership models.

North America Commercialization Supported by Haig Barrett, Inc.
In the near future, Enzymaster will open facilities in the United States. To lay a strong foundation for this critical step, Haig Barrett, Inc, business management consultants specializing in the life sciences and specialty chemicals markets, will collaborate to strengthen Enzymaster’s capacity to serve the North American market.
“I, along with the entire Haig Barrett team, am excited to support Enzymaster’s success in the North American market,” shared Haig Armaghanian, President and CEO of Haig Barrett, Inc. “North American process manufacturing organizations need more flexible, more efficient, and greener manufacturing processes. The enzyme engineering experts and industry-leading technology within the Enzymaster organization will play a key role in advancing the markets they serve.”

North American Events for Industry
The combined Enzymaster and Haig Barrett team will host a dynamic workshop in Philadelphia on August 11th 2021—the week of CPhI North America. Additionally, the team will be participating in the ChemOutsourcing conference later in the year.

“I have the utmost confidence in our team of enzyme engineering experts, in our BioEngine® and BioNavigator® technology platforms, and in our enzyme manufacturing capabilities,” continued Daussmann. “These capabilities, coupled with the right business models, will help manufacturers take another critical step to improve hazardous and resource-intensive manufacturing processes.”

About Enzymaster
Enzymaster provides comprehensive solutions for the screening, directed evolution and commercial manufacturing of high performing, efficient, clean, and sustainable enzyme catalysis technologies. Our proprietary BioEngine® and BioNavigator® platforms combined with our rich expertise offers state-ofthe-art solutions. We offer R&D services, complete technology transfer packages and commercial enzyme manufacturing. We serve an array of industries including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage,
agriculture, consumer goods, and other industries.
Our portfolio of services includes: Enzyme panel screening, customized enzyme screening kits, directed enzyme engineering, process development, enzyme preparation by fermentation, and biocatalytic manufacturing. Additionally, Enzymaster offers an expansive catalog of chemicals developed using our state-of-the-art enzymatic tools and technology


Media Contact
Haig Barrett, Inc, Enzymaster North American Media Relations
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