Düsseldorf, Germany:  May 12, 2022—Enzymaster, a global biomanufacturing leader, supports manufacturers across a range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, agriculture, and consumer goods, utilize biocatalysis for cleaner, more efficient process technology solutions.

A recently completed round-C fundraise of more than 45 million dollars USD (300 million Chinese Yuan) is facilitating further investments in scientific innovation, technologies, and production capacity. These advancements are needed to help leading organizations around the world leverage biocatalysis to decrease dependence on toxic, environmentally damaging, and often inefficient processes for chemical manufacturing.

“From the outset, our strategic plan has been to support target industries with a full range of solutions, from enzyme-engineering R&D to commercial-production of chemicals, for facilitating more efficient and sustainable manufacturing,” shared Dr. Yong Koy Bong, Enzymaster’s Chairman of the Board of Directors. BioEngine®, Enzymaster’s enzyme engineering platform, has been at the forefront of product development for our customers’ projects and our own portfolio of products. This round of financing will allow us to continue to advance biomanufacturing innovation as well as further expand our commercial-scale production capacity.

While Bayland Capital, Puhua Capital, C&D Emerging Capital, Hansoh Investment, Carbonneutral Partnership, and Probe Capital participated in this financing round, Yuanbio Venture Capital was the lead investor.

“We are honored to participate as the lead investor in this fundraise,” Ken Li, partner, Yuanbio Venture Capital, commented. “We value the steady technology and commercialization progress under the leadership of Dr. Yong Koy Bong that is allowing Enzymaster to differentiate itself in the synthetic biology field by pursuing diverse applications that improve production processes in many different markets.”

In addition to ongoing funding of R&D innovation, Enzymaster acquired Sanming Minhe Pharmaceutical Technology Co. in November last year to meet growing production capacity demand.

“The Sanming Minhe acquisition was a critical step needed to fulfill the commercial-scale production needs of the market. We can now produce up to 600 metric tons of enzymes and chemical compounds utilizing cleaner, greener bio-manufacturing processes.,” stated Dr. Thomas Daussmann, Enzymaster’s Executive Vice President for International Business. “This round of financing will allow us to continue to invest in the innovation and manufacturing capacity needed to help transform the global chemical industry.”

About Enzymaster

Enzymaster provides comprehensive solutions for the screening, directed evolution, and commercial manufacturing of chemicals using high-performing, efficient, clean, and sustainable enzyme catalysis technologies. Our proprietary BioEngine® and BioNavigator® platforms, combined with our rich expertise, provide state-of-the-art bio-manufacturing solutions. We offer R&D services, complete technology transfer packages, and commercial supply of biocatalytic-derived chemicals. We serve various industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, agriculture, consumer goods, and other industries.

Our portfolio of services includes enzyme panel screening, customized and general enzyme screening kits, directed evolution of enzymes, structure-guided enzyme engineering, process development, fermentation bioprocesses, enzyme formulation, and biocatalytic chemical manufacturing. Additionally, Enzymaster offers a catalog of commercial products developed using our state-of-the-art enzymatic tools and technology.


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